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Crossing Europe and Asia on a bicycle, down to South Korea, a testimonial of surviving


        The trip will start after the Relay for Life organized by the Seine Saint Denis League Against Cancer Committee, on June 27th and 28th.

I will set out on this adventure right after the last track run.


         With the help of the French League Against Cancer, I have been preparing over a year for what I hope will be a simple yet unifying testimony of fighting this disease and life after it. I am truly hoping it will be an opportunity to build bridges between people fighting cancer here and there more...


From France to South Korea - 12, 000 km - 14 countries


Xavier Jullien


Recumbent Azub Max


June 2009 - June 2010


To act as a testimonial of surviving cancer. To bridge the gap between those who are waging a war against cancer here and there. To educate people on health.

Communication ?



Budget ? 15, 000 euros