Motivations and Aims

This project first sprung from a personal experience but with the help of the FLAC, it is becoming a collective adventure.


I want to use this journey as a testimony on healing, on life after the struggle and on the great respect for life that follows it. It will be a way to illustrate the word “survivor


The aims of the Relay for Life as well as those of the trip are:



  • Changing the vision people have of cancer and those affected by it
  • Informing the public, especially the younger one, on health education and prevention
  • Associating the younger victims of cancer (in hospitals),  and their teachers, to the project
  • Establishing communication between the FLAC and its foreign counterparts (especially the Korean one)
  • Promoting the riches and dynamism of the Seine-Saint-Denis department, often stigmatized.



In the continuity of the Relay For Life, I will meet up with the FLAC’s foreign counterparts in the different countries I am traveling to.


Thanks to our website, pupils in schools and in hospitals will be able to follow my progress. We are hoping it will create links between them and kids elsewhere as well as between those who are sick and those who want to support them.