Last times

July, 3rd


"It's the last time I'm here", "it's the last time I see you", "I've got one last thing to tell you"... Only six days before Departure Day, it is indeed a new cycle that has begun.


So much to do, to check, to adjust, knowing that I'll forget things anyway.


But in the middle of this ectic program, the days go by still offering many wonderful and unespected moments. So let's make a list since "the list mode" will be my way of working in the next few days... Isn't inventoring charming? At least there is no ranking involved. 


So, from those last days, I want to remember:


- the memory of some stiches a bit too tight.


- some -way too early wake up calls.


- a beautiful question coming from a pupil, "Sir, what do you thing about on your bike? "


- a Serb Herb story


- a gigantic excitation with a bit of apprehension, or the contrary...


- and a huge list of things I won't do for a year, of tiny objects which I often thought cluttered my life and yet that I have troubles to part from. Indeed, as much as I want to believe that I'm free; limiting the choice of things one really needs to two side bags on a bike it more complicated that it seems. Who is smart enough to claim that inanimated object are souless? True or not they often help us shaping our soul. And here comes the real uncertainty : take away from me the people I love, the places I like, the objects that often were like protheses, what is left of me?


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    Tyre Repair (samedi, 15 septembre 2012 10:34)

    Life is very meaningful. We made decisions, failures, success and even our own happiness but it all depends to you and how you face them with that great faith in God.

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    Best Juicer (jeudi, 11 avril 2013 19:14)

    I shared this upon Myspace! My friends will really like it!

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    Oriflame (jeudi, 18 septembre 2014 13:09)

    THX for info

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Three bands fought cancer

June 27th


Three bands fought together. They are good people, people you can rely on, people who master their instruments, proud people, who know what they do, how to do it, people you can count on!


(Not the kind of people, I'm sure, who would write for an hour on their blog and who would suddenly eraise everything before having saved it...)


Thank you, Maltosh, Monsieur Melon, PPFC, You've made a swell time of that night. It was wonderful, a great success, a first memorable step on the road. The flyer announced it, you did it; you have made the first kilometers in music! And still more important, you have participated to that goal of ours, with the League against cancer, "to change people's view on cancer and on those who are fighting it", this slight change of perspective which is no solution of course, but which still enormously counts.


Thanks to you and to all the people who have contributed to that event, we managed to talk about a serious subject without falling into compassional weeping nor in cynical desparation (Pierre Desproges, if you can hear us from above, sorry but we were not ready to quote you famous joke "Metastasis, Tumour, Schwartenberg, Hope. Find the odd one out..."), we managed thanks to you to show without much words that making music or pedalling is sometimes more powerful than speeches.


Thank you for you generosity, for your talent and your energy, for not having hesitated for one second to support this cause that is not that glamorous and which has scared even the best intentioned people before. Your strenght and your courage are wonderful examples for all of us. 

To see the pictures of the concert click here

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