The French League Against Cancer


The FLAC has been one of the most important tools in the fight against cancer. Funding research, informing, preventing and helping those affected and their families on a daily basis, are all parts played by the FLAC to eradicate the disease.


To reach that goal, it is essential for the FLAC to change the vision society has of cancer and of those suffering from it.


Together, with the FLAC Committee, we have made that goal ours. We want to convey the message that some fights are worth fighting for because they can be won.


To this end, the Seine-Saint-Denis Committee has decided to organize the Relay for Life, a major event where different organizations, public and private institutions, hundreds of people and relay runners come together to support the FLAC.


The trip is just a way to prolong the relay and all that it stands for.

The Relay for Life

With the Seine-Saint-Denis commitee, the FLAC decided to experience a first in France: The Relay for Life. This beautiful and huge demonstration will gather up associations, public institutions,teams of runners , and a large public of visitors who will for 24 hours use their energy and means to inform, celebrate and foundraise for the Fight Against Cancer.


Xavier's trip, which will officially start on that Sunday will carry on the spirit the hopes and the aims of the manifestation throughout the continent.

This manifestation will simply show that there are battles that can be won, challenges that have to be taken, and difficulties that can be overcome.

Sebastien Joly

Sébastien Joly, professional road racing cyclist, with La Française des jeux did me a great honor by accepting to become the patron of my trip.


Sébastien Joly is a French professional road racing cyclist. Since 2000, Joly has been a professional rider. He started with the Bonjour team. In 2003, he joined the Jean Delatour team and won la Route Adélie. He runs his first Tour of France in 2004 with the Crédit Agricole team. In 2006, he joined the Française des Jeux team. He won the same year the Paris-Camenbert, and finished at the third place of the prologue and twelfth in the general ranking of the Paris-Nice. On June 25th 2007, he was diagnosed with testicular cancer, he underwent an operation in July and was back the race in February 2008 at the Grand Opening Price La Marseillaise.



The Française des Jeux and its corporate sponsorship department supports Xavier in his trip.


AZUB BIKE is a czech recumbent producer which started to build recumbent bikes back in 2001. Right now, it has 7 models in the offer with huge offer of component specifications, options and accessories. In spring 2009 AZUB will introduce new recumbent called "ECO" with very affordable price, good quality and very comfortable riding properties. The frame of Eco will be hand made in the Czech Republic as same as all frames of all other models.
AZUB recumbents are known as a durable recumbents with focus on quality, ergonomy and usability mostly used as a touring or commuting bikes.
AZUB BIKE has decided to support Xavier mainly because his spirit in supporting "anti-cancer" programm and we also feel that he is enough strong to pedal such a long distance and to test our bike in very hard conditions. We are also ready to help him during the expedition by all our knowladges, neccessary spare parts and contacts in case that Xavier will need any.
We also hope to read news from Xavier often, to show to our friends and customers, how our bike works and how far Xavier is with his adventure.


see Xavier's Azub Max in action

The bank Crédit Mutuel supports Xavier