Fontiers, Passes and Valleys

 Agust 10th

What a joy to connect again to the Big Universal Whole! And what a joy to see adds in Slovenian or Croatian -how would do I know? It's so conforting to find on it the same ones as in France. If we took out the online casinos and the dating websites, what is left? I'll answer that question in Iran.


We are about to leave today the Slovenia that we have climbed, and ran down for the passed three wonderful days. Small and therefore beautiful country, who would make happy any ecolo/cycling/Organic fanatic man  completely aware of the environmental issue : in Slovenia piggybacks, solar energies, cycles paths, and big global vegetable plots are common, they didn't even need warnings of our moustached Saint Yann Arthus-Bertrand and his potbellied archangel L. Besson.


Small and beautiful country, which borrowed hills and wineyards to Italy, their close and nevertheless old enemy; geraniums and Alping valleys to Austria, close and neverthelss imperial old jailer, and cooking to the Balkans, close and nevertheless old friend from the ex-Yougo.


A wonder thus, through the Karst, (geologists will remember that no other words in French comes from Slovenian but those that discribe these scenery where all water disappear, drank by the most chalky rock where it goes down and digs the largest caves ever.)

A wonder again to cycle through the narrow valley of the Save, after having tumbled in the Danube basin : from now on, every drop of water that we come across ends up in the Black Sea (Hail to you drop of water!)


And in the middle, Ljubljana, where Nina welcomed us for a wonderful evening, where we honored the souvenir of the old Marechal Tito, who were so handsome in his thirties. Tito who would be the one through whom the Yougoslave miracle happened. I was glad to hear from Nina that there was a certain nostalgia of the old Yougoslavian time, and that it wasn't just a fling from a parisian who would have watched too many films by Kusturica. Here too there are some people who are tired or saddened by nationalism, who are sorry that the Slovenian and Croatian governments fight over their sea borders.


my next article : how after 1990,  Slovenians learnt that they have lived for forty years in a system that CANNOT exist or work because freedom must mean having the choice between 110 brands of toothpath and not just one.


"I did it because I didn't now it was not possible" probably also a yougoslavian proverb.


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